keys to success & fundamentals

Our Keys to Success



Price, communication, market intelligence and statistics, etc. It is frustrating when people don’t tell you exactly what they are charging or don’t keep you updated in the process. We know how you feel!



The RIGHT Fit, not just a fit- listening to the needs of our clients and candidates to find the best possible solution for everyone.



Treating every need with a sense of urgency - we understand hiring has deadlines and consequences if they are not met.



Providing options based on sensible expectations - Everyone likes options, and you know your business and search best, we will let you choose based on what is possible.

Imperium Fundamentals

WHat do we look for in an exceptional team member?

Insist on Higher Standards

Practice Blameless Problem Solving

Think Big

Deliver Legendary Customer Service

Train to be Replaced

Be Fanatics About Response Time

Make Quality Personal

Create Win/Win Solutions

Speak Straight

Be Process-Oriented

Deliver Results

Celebrate Successes Big & Small

Does Not Avoid Doing the Scary Things

Relentless About Improvement

Have a Backbone; Disagree & Commit

Keep Things Fun

Rises to the Occasion & Doesn’t Settle

Follow-up on Everything

Has Bias for Action

Learns & Anticipates

Accomplishes More with Less

Go the Extra Mile

Checks the Ego at the Door

Stay Connected to the Details

Honor Commitments

Create a Positive Tone & Listen Generously